We Build Brands
For Creators

We partner with the world’s best creators & influencers
to launch the next generation of consumer brands

What We Do

We seek out inspiring individuals with passionate communities. Together, we build innovative brands with authentic stories that are uniquely tailored to the creator’s community


You’re a creator with a following.
You’ve always wanted to own your own brand, but perhaps you don’t know where to start or what you should sell. And you certainly don’t have the time to start a business from scratch!

We build brands for creators.
We’ll build you a company that feels authentic to your following, and hand you the keys to be the face of your brand. You promote the product, we do
everything else

Why Own a Business?

Creator-owned brands are the best way to monetize your audience


Future-proof your income with a more reliable source of revenue


Take back control over the products you’re promoting


Use your talent in content creation to build something uniquely yours


Sell your brand and cash out after you’ve helped it grow

How it Works - 5 Steps


Our process begins with a thorough review of your content, followers, and unique personal brand. We learn who you are, and what you represent


We analyze your idea’s potential, and evaluates whether it’s the right fit for you and your community. Alternatively, if you’re unsure of what type of brand is best for you, we’ll suggest a few products that would fit your niche, and feel authentic to your following


We handle all aspects of building the business pre-launch. We develop & source products from our network of partner manufacturers, we build a website for the brand, we organize the logistics & distributon, and we help with startup expenses


Together with the creator (ie you!), we design the brand aesthetic and product packaging. We’ll create a beatiful brand that you’ll be proud to own


Post-launch, the creator promotes the product to their audience, while we manage all of the backend eCommerce operations, accounting, and inventory

Our Services


Helping you build the right product for your audience, with a focus on authenticity

Sourcing &

Our vast network of partner manufacturers will build your product to the highest quality


Our team of engineers will develop you a high-converting eCommerce storefront


Generally, we will cover much of the startup costs, meaning less risk for you

Creative &

We work with you, the creator, to design the perfect brand aesthetic for your business


Strategic and hands-on support growing revenue and building your brand


Never heard of Gramercy Brands? Good, we like it that way.

While we’re the group behind several successful creator-owned brands, we prefer to stay behind the scenes. You are the face of the brand, and the more we can stay out of the way, the more authentic your brand will feel.

Everything we do will be protected under an indefinite NDA.


Absolutely nothing to get started! We'll analyze your idea (or suggest some ideas), and build you a business plan for free. We'll also help cover much of the startup costs required to get your brand ready for launch
It depends on the product, but from the day we get started until the day you launch usually takes around 3-4 months
No, we work hand in hand with creators to build businesses. Many of the creators we work with are represented by talent agencies already - we are NOT their competitor

Let’s Discuss Your Future Business